You are not morally obligated to feed yourself to an alligator.

For those of you who don't know, the Gator Boys relocate alligators that wander onto people's property.In this Gator Boys clip, the little girl asks a pretty interesting question. She asks: "You're not gonna hurt him are you?" That's a more interesting question than a lot of people would give it credit for being, because it means that she holds two nearly-but-not-quite contradictory beliefs at the same time. The first belief is that she recognizes the alligator as being not only an Other, but also as a threat. The second belief is that she likes the alligator and wants it to be okay. It may be willing to kill her and eat her, but she's a good sport about it.

To be such a good sport about that requires a special kind of rationality. It requires being able to recognize that sometimes, two sides have competing interests and that you need to choose a side. Your choice is often not really based on any sort of higher reason or objectivity. She can be a good sport because she recognizes that the alligator isn't doing anything wrong. It's pursuing its interests, she's pursuing hers, and those occasionally go against one another. It doesn't mean that the alligator is a bad person, but sometimes you've just gotta take your own side.

This is what liberals do not understand. You do not have to show that someone is a bad person in order to take your own side over theirs. You do not have to show that someone's interest in immigration is illegitimate in order to say no. You don't need to want harm to an alligator or a Syrian when you send them back to their natural habitat. The odds of an alligator of any size eating a girl her size are pretty small, but if it makes them feel too uneasy to use their backyard zip line, then that's enough reason to send him home.

On the other hand, the alt right does understand this. We're not saying that they're all 83 IQ Muslim extremists and we're not saying that they deserve to live such hard lives. We're just saying, we don't need to be willing to sacrifice our countries over it. We don't need to replace the financial obligation of children with the financial burden of refugees. We don't need to solve their problems. Just because you find a nice alligator who wants a better life in a cozy backyard pond, doesn't mean that you need to offer up your arm as a snack.