Reverse the Frame, Reverse the Shame: Call Them Anti-White

The alt-right doesn't use this approach nearly enough. It is a slam dunk for us. This argument alone is capable of changing our entire culture if it is repeated enough.

"I just want white peoples and nations to continue existing."

Drill these sort of arguments into your head. There is power in this rhetoric.

"I just want white peoples and nations to continue to exist. I just want whites to stop committing suicide. I just want whites to have an identity the way every other race does. I just want whites to stop hating themselves."

These are perfectly moral positions to take, which means anyone who attacks us for espousing them, anyone who conflates these positions with hate and violence, is implicitly anti-white.

When they come at you with shame, throw it back in their face. Call them what they are: anti-white.

"The alt-right deserves to be doxxed and have their lives ruined!"

"I just want white people and countries to exist, and for that you want to destroy my life? That makes you anti-white."

"You are a piece of shit, fuck you Nazi!"

"I just want whites to stop committing suicide. For that you insult me and call me a Nazi? That makes you anti-white."

"This sort of racism is what led to the Holocaust!"

"I just want whites to have the same identity and pride that non-whites have. But you think white identity is synonymous with violence and genocide. That makes you anti-white."

Most of the time their response will be "I'm not anti-white I just..."

Anything they say after this is irrelevant. They've already accepted your frame that being anti-white is a bad thing. They've already proven there is power in the term "anti-white," just as there is power in the term "racist." By establishing that you aren't actually racist but they are actually anti-white, you reverse the burden of shame. The Left has no real response to this, it always shuts them down. They can't deny the fact that opposing the preservation of whites is literally anti-white. This is the most effective way to win the hearts and minds of the masses.

If they deny that whites are in danger this is even better for us, as we can drop data and images that will red pill the public.

Now this only works if you are consistent. If you go around shitting on other races and joking about ovens, this will obviously backfire. Which is part of the reason why it's so stupid to do those things.

Shame works, shame holds power, shame changes culture, and the people who want whites to be destroyed deserve to be shamed. But we must hold the moral high ground and not buy into their frame. We are the moral agents here, not them. We wish to stop the destruction of a people, and they want to destroy a people.

Call them what they are, anti-white.

Date of publication: May 21, 2018