Assimilation is a myth. Nobody is assimilating, but culture is becoming more vacuous and people old enough to remember the old culture are dying.

A lot of nonwhites try really really really hard to try and show off how well assimilated they think they are, especially if you're like me and have a tendency to get really implicit around them. As easy as it'd be to have some inner normie that thinks things like "At least they're trying!", I just can't do it. I rode in an Uber today and the driver was one of these and something about her really bothered me. I think what it was, was that she wasn't full of shit like others were. I think she meant what she was saying.

She would talk about how she'd always dreamt of working and paying bills. She put a lot of weight on the paying bills aspect of being an American. She kept assure me that she wanted what I wanted, to work and to pay bills. She was so happy that in America, you can do anything you want... like be a wagecuck and pay your Netflix subscription each month.

What bothered me about this is that she wasn't entirely wrong about having "assimilated to the culture." She really was doing something that patriotard cuckservatives have spent decades saying that we were all about and which millions upon millions of bugmen had decided is the best thing about their identity. I once even met a particularly depressing thirty year old white childless single bartending woman who claimed to work three jobs, eighty hours a week, so that she could spend her weekends walking around Disney World by herself. She took a lot of pride in that little bio.

What bothers me about this is that this country wasn't supposed to be a culture about working eighty hours a week to go to Disney World by yourself. We actually have a great history, have done a lot of great things, and have produced such a good culture that we've exported it around the world like no other nation, because the world loved our culture so much. We had to become a nation about paying the bills and where filling out spreadsheets is what you dream of, because anything else had too much of our personality in it. It was based on our founders, strove to compete with other whites, derived from ancient European empires, etc. Little by little, it eroded away, and now we pay bills.

Even when it comes to fully redpilled people on the alt right, I don't think that people realize quite how different we are from minorities. According to this study, genes involved in the brain are the ones that differ most between the races. Let me hammer in what this really means. Genes involved in your brain vary more than genes involved in your appearance. I want to stress this: A child you have with a white woman is more likely to come out looking like Daniel Kaluuya, then to come out thinking in the way he does. Wrap your minds around that.

As people have less in common, you've got to get broader and broader to find similarities. With another person, we can have a conversation. With another mammal, I can say we're social. With a tree, all I can say is that I'm alive. Across races, that level of broadness is wide enough that all we can say is that we pay bills. It's not much. Contrary to what cuckservatives say, the problem is not that nonwhites aren't assimilating. They've essentially assimilated to the current culture. The problem is that having them around has changed our culture to something that can easily be assimilated to. Our culture has become a culture of paying bills.