Race denial is mass societal brainwashing done when you're too young to think critically about it, reinforced by authority and threats throughout your entire life.

One of the running gags in the show King of the Hill is that Dale Gribble is a conspiracy theorist who imagines plots and coverups everywhere he looks, but he remains blissfully unaware of the fact that his wife Nancy is cheating on him and everyone he knows is helping to cover it up. This is the dynamic that liberals have with social constructs. They have grandiose theories about how everything from gender to race is a mere sociological optical illusion, instilled in us when we were too young to understand what we were hearing and reinforced over the course of our entire lives. You'd think that they'd be experts at seeing this stuff, but like Dale Gribble, they miss the one that's big, pervasive, and real.

Race denial gets instilled in you only when you enter the education system. At too young of an age to even know what you're hearing, you'll be told a very one-sided version of the civil rights movement. You will be told that the races are equal in all but skin color. You'll be no older than five and so you will just accept what figures of authority tell you, especially since you will be punished for disagreeing with the official narrative. By the time you're old enough to think seriously about this stuff, you've already been conditioned for years.

You'll see stories in the news of wrongthinkers getting punished. Even if you're just an MRA or something soft, you'll think twice about saying so at work after you read about what they did to James Damore. Because of that implicit threat, wrongthinkers will be silent and for this reason, you'll never see a successful and respectable white nationalist. Baked Alaska got acid thrown in his eyes for wrongthink. Andrew Dobson was bullied into suicide by the media. Are you sure you want to go public?

If you turn on the TV, they will abuse the fact that white advocates stay quiet when they have anything to lose. Comedians mock them and the news shows only pictures of the worst looking dirtiest white people. Every nationalist shown will be something right out of an SPLC description and then they'll ask "Why are white advocates always the worst white people?" Positive representation is not allowed and it won't even be discussed, because anyone allowed to speak at the table will be anti-white. You will be told that this is all there is.

Liberals will read this post and think: "I could say the same thing, that you all just got brainwashed by some Nazi literature or something." What they don't get though is that you need an actual mechanism of brainwashing if you're going to call someone brainwashed. I can point to the state apparatus, the media, schools, the professional environment, and honestly a lot more if I wanted to. All they can do is imagine that maybe Jared Taylor sprinkled the pages of his book with magic dust, or maybe Ryan Faulk knows a thing or two about hypnotism. Just like Dale Gribble seeing Nancy ride away with John Redcorn for a "massage", liberals can see all of the brainwashing apparatus right in front of them, but they never notice it.