"Egotism is the source and summary of all faults and miseries."

- Thomas Carlyle

Enjoy the Decline?

I am seeing a common and worrying theme in people's thinking today. There is a phrase being thrown about, again and again: "Enjoy the decline."

"Why should I do anything for a society that does things I don't like?" wails the child.

The sentiment is often couched in a fetish for Law 38: "Think as you like, but behave like others." They see in this a justification for passivity in the face of a genuine threat to their people.

I find it odd that so many "red-pilled" people seemingly dedicated to the virtues of masculinity would take such pride in the anti-masculine attitudes of defeatism and cowardice. There is nothing manly about giving up, about resigning oneself to an external fate, about living selfishly while your tribe dies.

"I am just one person. I can't change anything. No point in trying." It is difficult to envision a more perfect description of the Blue-Pill mentality than this.


There seems to be a general feeling that things have gone too far, beyond the point of no return. That things have gotten too bad to be saved. The truth of the matter is this: the reason people don't wake up and don't take action is that things have not gotten BAD ENOUGH. We are still comfortable on our couches in our well-heated homes. We are enjoying stuffing ourselves with food and playing video games. We still feel relatively safe and comfortable, and so people will not step up, and Men will not fight, and society will not change.

It often takes real adversity to bring out the best in a Man. An addict often has to reach "rock bottom" before he finally wakes up from his delusions and realizes he has to change his ways. We are nowhere near the bottom, yet. But it will come. And when it comes, we will need real Men who know what it means to be a Man.


The Ideal Man

These Blue-Pill sentiments of enjoying the decline stem from a fundamental misunderstanding of what it means to be a Man. Many red-pilled boys are deep within the throes of the anger phase, and they want to get back at society. Combine this with the millennial propensity for being self-absorbed and selfish, and you can see where this feeling leads. So they develop an image of the ideal Man as a creature who roams the land alone, an island completely independent, who lives purely for the satisfaction of his own whims and desires, who does what he wants to who he wants when he wants, with no regard for tribe or family. In other words, they equate Man with a pure Egoist.

This image of the ideal Man couldn't be further from the truth. A Man recognizes his responsibilities, and fulfills them. A Man sets his own desires aside and does what needs to be done. A Man does not succumb to self-pity, to defeatism, nor to cowardice; he is a manifestation of strength, self-discipline, and confidence. Deep within the recesses of the mind, the male evolved the impulse of self-sacrifice, as well as a sense of loyalty and devotion toward his tribe. This desire for self-sacrifice helped the tribe, family, and offspring to survive and thrive. It is the basis for civilization itself.


Idealism vs. Egotism

This quote explains the truth better than I could:

"The society formed by the male with the female, where it goes beyond the mere conditions of mating, calls for the extension of the instinct of self-preservation, since the readiness to fight for one's own ego has to be extended also to the mate. Almost always they are ready to protect and defend each other; so that here we find the first, though infinitely simple, manifestation of the spirit of sacrifice. As soon as this spirit extends beyond the narrow limits of the family, we have the conditions under which larger associations and finally even States can be formed.

"This mental attitude, which forces self-interest to recede into the background in favour of the common weal, is the first prerequisite for any kind of really human civilization. It is out of this spirit alone that great human achievements have sprung for which the original doers have scarcely ever received any recompense but which turns out to be the source of abundant benefit for their descendants. Every worker and every peasant, every inventor, state official, etc., who works without ever achieving fortune or prosperity for himself, is a representative of this sublime idea, even though he may never become conscious of the profound meaning of his own activity.

"The fundamental spirit out of which this kind of activity springs is the contradistinction of 'Egotism' and we call it 'Idealism'. By this we mean to signify the willingness of the individual to make sacrifices for the community and his fellow-men. It is of the utmost importance to insist again and again that idealism is not merely a superfluous manifestation of sentiment but rather something which has been, is and always will be, a necessary precondition of human civilization.

"As soon as the spirit of egotism begins to prevail among a people then the bonds of the social order break and man, by seeking his own personal happiness, veritably tumbles out of heaven and falls into hell."

- Adolf Hitler

When egotism prevails in a society, the society will eventually fail. This is because society itself is dependent on cooperative idealism, depends on Men being Men. The attitude of egotism, of enjoying the decline, is the very cancer eating away at the culture and at masculinity. And yet, we view it as the solution to the problem, rather than the fundamental cause.



People who lack an historical perspective often have a sense that the world is static. They find it difficult to envision radical change taking place. But what is history, but a collection of radical events? Ask the generation of the 40's and 50's whether they could envision something like the Hippie revolution occurring in the 60's, and they would say such a thing is impossible. Radical change often occurs when it is least expected, and most needed.

Men were built to fight. So stop enjoying the decline, and start fighting it.

Date of publication: March 9, 2016