The Existential Basis for Nationalism

As I've delved deeper into existential philosophy, I've moved further and further to the Right, politically.

There is no scientific, no rational, no moral solution to the fundamental problem of death and the anxiety and despair inherent in the realization of death. Simply put, we desire the impossible.

We've been in a futile war against death for centuries. We think that by directing all our efforts and focus on extending life, making life longer and longer, we are somehow making progress, we are somehow beating back death. We spout useless platitudes about the importance of fighting even if the fight is ultimately futile. This behavior is denial manifest.

As a man's life expectancy grows, the absurdity of life only increases. We've granted men the questionable "gift" of an extra decade at work, and though he may thank you in his terror, he is no happier as a result. And now, some chance accident will cut back a man's life by 80 years, instead of 40, which makes it doubly absurd. The danger of death has only increased with a longer life.

It would be foolish to remain hard-headedly rational, empirical and scientific in the face of the absurd. What man needs is not more data, not more self-knowledge, not more introspection, but LESS.

Nature, in her infinite wisdom, has evolved the proper cure for existential dread. We are to get lost in tribalism, in culturally constructed meaning. The human individual is a pathetic and worthless ideal to live for, a creature with no future, and Nature shows us the true value of the individual with each hurricane, earthquake, famine, and disease. If we cannot live on literally, then we will live on symbolically, by self-identifying with the more lasting, permanent, and meaningful conceptions of People, State, Tribe.

Religious faith is a necessary palliative to render existence meaningful. This is why we are programmed for religiousness.

Modern Man is so neurotic precisely because he has wiped away the traditional immortality ideologies which historically absorbed man's hunger for self-perpetuation and heroism. Despite all our scientific and political "progress," depression and anxiety are only increasing today, due to "the disappearance of convincing dramas of heroic apotheosis of man."

The solution is the one Nature herself provided: Tribalism, culturally constructed meaning, religious faith, heroic ideals. In no other place will Man find repose.

Date of publication: April 1, 2016