Introduction (excerpt, first draft)

What follows in these pages is the story of three turbulent years I spent dedicated heart and soul to alt-right politics and philosophy. I have since abandoned the "movement" (if it can even be called that) and have gone back to a post-political life. My only purpose in these pages is to tell the truth. Or, at least, my honest interpretation of it. If you are looking for a dishonest partisan diatribe, either for or against the alt-right, you will not find it here. At the same time, I've attempted to give some insight into the mind and personality of a dedicated alt-right figure, which I suppose will be of some minor interest to both factions. Others will make a name for themselves by towing a partisan line; I'm not interested in that. This is my story, and telling it is part of my own progression as a person. I can only speak for myself.

First things first. What is "Alt-Right"? It's true that at one time the term was quite vague and amorphous (and we will discuss that). But gradually the label coalesced around two equally simple yet decidedly more descriptive words: White Advocacy. We could perhaps have gone with a single word, Ethnonationalist, but technically not everyone who advocates on behalf of whites would describe themselves as an ethnonationalist. So we'll go with White Advocacy. For those who oppose racial advocacy on principle, you could say the alt-right is "identity politics for white people." The alt-right would generally not oppose such a designation.

To go a bit further: What is "White"? This is a question the alt-right is deeply familiar with, and one that we have learned to distrust, to balk at, due to its implication that White is not a coherent or legitimate identity. But it is a fair question in its own right. My answer is that White is a euphemism for European. Which is to say, a euphemism for the peoples that evolved on the European continent. Indigeneous Europeans, if you will. There are still some issues and questions to settle regarding this description, but we'll get to that later.

We all know what pro-black activism looks like. BlackLivesMatter and the NAACP are notable examples. We all know what pro-Hispanic activism looks like. La Raza and -- are notable examples. We've even seen glimpses of Italian-American or German-American advocacy. But there is something particularly provacative about the term "white advocacy." We distrust it off the bat. Something in us cringes even at the use of the term "white" as a designation. White is not supposed to be a legitimate identity, we feel, particularly for the sake of political activism. Each of us is already conjuring images of slavery, the KKK, lynchings, and of course the Holocaust. Which is why, in part, the alt-right exists and was necessary. Not to justify the evils of the past, of course, but to state unequivocally that the evils of the past does not forever preclude Europeans from an identity and from political (really, ethnic) interests. Particularly if all other identities are effectively engaged in their own ethnic identity politcs in our countries.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's go back to the beginning. My beginning.