I found a meme on /r/latestagecapitalism that I actually found a bit profound.


What's profound about the meme is that it really shows how the other side lives; it shows what happens if you took the blue pill and are rewarded with all the trinkets and presents that the ruling class decides to offer. They live in a world where nobody bans books, nobody threatens you with pain, and nobody withholds information. Instead, their showered with more books than they can read, with shows to watch, and everything they could ever want, essentially.

What really makes it profound is that they see through to the emptiness. They don't know what's on the other side, but they recognize that the endless amount of trinkets and TV shows doesn't really make a life. But they hate it. That's not a meme of someone who's jealous that Jones got more than they did; that's someone who just wasn't satisfied with the prizes of the blue pills. Instead, they say it ruins them - and they're probably right.

Tragic though, that they can't diagnose the actual issue. The idea of seizing the means of production is kind of goofy when you think about it, but not for libertarian free market principle reasons. If the person who made this meme were to meet me, they would balk at my suggestion that money doesn't matter and that their emptiness is caused by a lack of a coherent people rather than by too many items. They'd never entertain the idea that historical continuance, personhood, relationships, and blood are what make life meaningful.

Instead, they'd notice that I don't own the means of production at my work; I'm just an employee. They'd look me right in the eye and tell me with a straight face that all of our people's problems and all of the emptiness of this bland and god-awful culture, would all just go away if I just owned one one hundredth of an insurance company.