Part of the problem is that liberalism has created certain classes of people who's lives would be completely destroyed if you unplugged them from the Matrix. These people will defend the status quo no matter what, because they'd be on suicide watch without it.

How exactly do you tell the feminist cat lady that the special treatment she's gotten for her entire life had more to do with men wanting to fuck her than with them being sincerely impressed by her office job or pointless degree? How exactly do you tell her that as her looks fade, she will see less and less of the farce and each year will be worse than the last?

How do you tell the man in his thirties, who was never the chad he always wanted to be, because his feministy "I'll just treat her like a man and I'll act the way I've always wanted a woman to act towards me" was repelling women all along? How do you tell him that his new found wife was not "The One" who he was waiting for his entire life in a How I Met Your Mother type story, but that she's really just an aging catlady desperate to be saved from spinsterdom?

How do you tell the boomer, who is at the end of their life and has no real chance for redemption at this point if we're being honest, who thought that they were the great redeemers of their race and ushered in a new world of 1960s hippie ideals, that they were scientifically retarded, pissed away one of the greatest empires in world history, that every following generation hates them, and that they will be remembered as stupid, indulgent, and selfish?

How do you talk to the 40 year old childfree bug-couple, who sacrificed their lineage in order to be able to afford more vacations, a nicer car than they need, and other stupid luxuries? How do you tell them that they dedicated their lives to consumerist bullshit pushed on them by massive corporations and that the second that they get bored of doing pointless hedonist shit, they'll have nothing left other than anticipation for whatever unnecessary new toy Apple comes out with?

Simply put, you can't.

This is why the alt right mostly appeals to the youth. The gravity of a life completely wasted, completely stolen from you by those who realized that it was profitable to make you make bad decisions, is just too big for people. We can reach the people who never bought into that bullshit from the get go, we can reach the people still young enough to make good decisions, and we can reach the shockingly self aware failures who are rather rare among their demographics. But at the end of the day, there's always going to be those who depend on a status quo that's hellbent on justifying their loneliness and nihilism, and that group will always attack us viciously because there is a very real sense in which their lives depend on it.