Whenever a based nonwhite tells me that I should accept them because they support all of our values, I ask one simple question:

I ask: "You agree that the paramount moral maxim is that we must support the existence of our people and a future for white children?" As you may predict, the answer is almost always some incoherent waffling about "why not the existence of people in general and a future for all children?" or "Well, not exactly..."

Cuckservatives like to imagine there being a little wink and a little nod between them and their diversity hired based black men. They imagine a little conversation going: "Hey buddy, we need you to be the one to read this speech we wrote, just so we don't sound racist. Identity politics, so dumb, right?" They imagine these based black men seeing themselves as a kind of superhero who can traverse the restrictions on conservative speech and who use their powers for good. The reality though, is quite the opposite. The real wink is between the based black man, and black democrats. "Don't worry guys, as long as I'm in the room, they won't be too pro-white."

Maybe the 85 IQ blacks don't get it, so they mistreat black conservatives, but the talented tenth understands. When they send some useless diversity hires like Diamond and Silk, conservatives will always take the bait and put a lot of weight into the words of what few nonwhite conservatives there are. "How can we be racist when we have these two unremarkable fat black women on stage?" Diamond and Silk probably earned Trump approximately zero votes, but if they turned against him, it'd be a huge propaganda victory for the left. They have some leverage and therefore they have some control over the discourse.

What I'm getting at here, is that nonwhites understand that it isn't about policy suggestions. It's about loyalty. Candace Owens is fully committed to securing the existence of black people and a future for black children. As much flack as 85 IQ blacks will give her, she has probably done a lot to keep /r/the_donald in line. So what if she thinks that low taxes are good for blacks?

This is why a based black man won't do it for me, but a commie who's at least anti-anti-white will. As we become a minority and as blacks and hispanics gain the institutional power necessary to go full South Africa, we're going to be extremely thankful that there are some white leftists infiltrating the Democrat party, whether they see themselves as infiltrators or not. What we need to focus on isn't telling the left not to be on the left, but telling them to be pro-white while on the left, or at least anti-anti-white. Policy suggestions don't matter, only loyalty does.