On Privilege, White Guilt, and Original Sin

White Guilt is the new, secular version of Original Sin, and serves to control in a similar manner.

The idea of Original Sin was one of the greatest tools for controlling the mass of the people ever devised by Man. The notion that from your very birth you are a fallen individual, in need of salvation granted by an external Other, renders you weak and impotent. You hand over your allegiance, your power, your entire being to the Church, if only they can cleanse you of your Original Sin. You cannot be a whole person on your own, because your nature is inherently corrupt. Your entire existence, your entire salvation, is dependent on those with the keys to wash you clean and render you whole.

This is effectively a form of mind control. It should not be a surprise, then, that such a powerful tool would not get lost in the annals of history. This weapon of Original Sin, of convincing the individual that he is fundamentally bad and in need of external help to save him, will no doubt appear again and again as a means to control the people. And now it has been picked up and wielded again, only this time by the Cultural Marxists.

Of course, the Cultural Marxists cannot openly express a demand for guilt... this would be too transparent, and would be rejected. No, the demand for guilt must be couched in a secular Newspeak.

Thus the concept of Privilege; to ingrain a sense of guilt, to condition a feeling of Original Sin by proxy.

Simply by virtue of being born with White skin, they reason, you are privileged (guilty). Simply by virtue of being born a Man, you are privileged (guilty). Simply by virtue of being born straight and cis, you are privileged (guilty).

Do you see what is happening here? A very subtle change has taken place which should not be overlooked... The tool of ingrained Original Sin has been improved, has been augmented, because it now has the capacity to **discriminate.** Under Christian dogma, ALL people had Original Sin, and thus all people were equally in need of salvation. Now, the guilt can be imposed on select groups, strategically. Guilt, Original Sin, has been weaponized.

Guilt renders an individual or a group impotent. But you do not want the enemy of your enemy to be impotent. You want the enemy of your enemy to be strong, courageous, and righteous.

Like a virus which has been engineered to only infect one species, the concept of Privilege is engineered to only infect the strong in-groups. This renders them impotent, while leaving their enemies untouched.

How does a Straight White Cis Male save himself from the guilt inherent in being born a Straight White Cis Male? Once again, by handing his power, his allegiance, to an external Other which promises to save him from his guilt: The Progressives.

As the concept of Original Privilege becomes more and more ingrained into the public consciousness, through indoctrination in the media and education, you will no doubt see more and more guilty, self-hating straight white males. You will see more Carl the Cucks and Aids Skrillex's struggling to alleviate their guilt, their Sin from birth, by being ever more tolerant, progressive, self-effacing. You will see ever increasing fetishization of cuckoldry and masochist behavior from the in-group.

Teach your friends, your children, your partners, to break from from this conditioning. Only accept responsibility for YOUR ACTIONS, as an individual. Do not accept responsibility for the actions of other people who died long before you were born. Do not accept guilt for being born into a group, a race, a class, a gender, a nation. Only pride should come from these associations.

tl;dr: The notion of Privilege is a weapon to selectively control groups and to undermine the foundations of the culture. Treat it as such.

Date of publication: April 26, 2016