The Progressive Religion: Understanding Leftist Morality

"Do we not hear anything yet of the noise of the gravediggers who are burying God?
Do we not smell anything yet of God's decomposition?"
- Friedrich Nietzsche

Nihilism Cannot Stand

The Nietzschean cliche is true: God is dead. And there is a great nihilistic hole where he once lived. Academia has deconstructed all objective meaning, all objective value, all objective purpose, and left a great void in the collective soul.

It was clear that such a state of affairs could not stand, but unclear what would eventually arise to replace God. We humans are programmed for religiousness.

Now it has become clear. A new, secular religion has been born. A religion which lives by many names... but I shall call it Progressivism.

The true basis for religion is not supernatural beliefs, but what BlackPigeonSpeaks calls the "Sacred," and what I will call "the Unquestionable." In most religions, the Unquestionable was indeed supernatural in nature, usually some supreme being, a God or Gods. The fact that it is Unquestionable is what establishes a basis for Objectivity, a basis for a universal sense of Good and Evil to guide human action. Without objectivity, moral relativism is inevitable, and all religions crumble.

This is the problem the progressives faced. Their entire existence was about deconstructing and negating all objectivity as a means to undermine Western civilization, religion, and culture. Postmodernism was a form of tactical nihilism: deconstructing, destroying, above all else questioning what was previously Unquestionable, a true culture of critique. But after this process was complete and moral and cultural relativism had taken hold, there no longer existed an objective basis for morality or human action.

But the Progressive Religion is being formed, slowly but surely. A primary purpose of Political Correctness is to once again impose an extreme social taboo, and thus to reestablish a collective sense of the Unquestionable, to serve as the foundation for a secular religion.

Unquestionable Evil: Inverting the Basis for Morality

Historically speaking, the Unquestionable was almost always associated with the Good. Evil stood in contrast to the Good. But in the progressive era, God is rejected, and any notion of the Good can be deconstructed and negated. How then could a religion be formed? What could exist as a basis for action or purpose, without a conception of a basic and undeniable Good?

The progressive solves this by inverting morality. There is no Unquestionable Good, but there is Unquestionable Evil, an Evil which cannot be challenged or deconstructed. Of course, they won't use the word "Evil," but that is what it is. And what do they use as the basis for Unquestionable Evil? The great mythological taboo which stands at the heart of Western civilization itself: The Holocaust.

"The Holocaust was absolute Evil." This cannot be questioned. Try to question it, and see the social response you will face. Actually, don't try to question it... you could destroy all career prospects for the rest of your life, or in some countries even arrested and imprisoned. And so now that we have the Unquestionable moral foundation, an Objective truth that cannot be opposed, we have the basis for constructing a larger religion.

Since the Holocaust is the foundation for Liberal morality, all Leftist moral arguments can be traced back to it if you dig deeply enough. All roads lead to Rome, all progressive moral claims lead to the Holocaust.

Trump is evil. Why? Because wanting a wall is evil. Why? Because nationalism/racism is evil. Why? Because the Holocaust.

And we've reached the Unquestionable religious foundation.

The progressive moral universe can therefore be viewed spatially. At the center of the universe is the negative moral hole, the Holocaust, absolute evil. Things nearest the center of absolute evil, such as Fascism, are therefore regarded evil according to their proximity to the Holocaust. The further you get from the center, the closer you get to a progressive notion of the "Good." To be Good according to progressive dogma is to support anything which leads AWAY from the absolute evil of Fascism. Thus, open borders. Thus, absolute inclusivity. Thus, egalitarianism. Thus, the denial of racial differences. Thus, anti-traditionalism. (Thus, anti-white?)

Of course, I am simplifying things a bit. There are satellites, moons of Evil that orbit around the core, such as the transatlantic slave trade, or the Native American genocide, that provide other sources of Unquestionable Evil for religious morality to oppose, but none of these are as powerful as the Holocaust.

Religious Parallels

Now that we have religion, we have religious inquisition. Instead of burning witches, we use the modern gallows of the lynch mob: social media. We dox "Nazi's" to harass them and get them fired from their jobs, for instance.

Since this is a secular religion, the traditional religious terms and labels used to ostracize others, like "heretic" or "blasphemy" are off-limits. These have been somewhat replaced by other secular terms, like "racist" or "bigot," but beyond these the progressive religion is quite limited in language. It can be quite humorous to watch the religious progressive struggle to find the necessary words to shame Evil without being able to name it as such. "Wow... just... wow... I can't even... like, it's the current year."

Every religion needs some semblance of reverence, of holy words or holy places. And reverence is often achieved by restricting the bounds of acceptable speech. "Thou shalt not take the Lord God's name in vain." This is the primary purpose of Political Correctness. You can measure how wide the progressive religion has grown by the number of words or ideas which have become off-limits.

The religious nature of progressivism helps to explain some of the bizarre, near insane behavior of the screeching SJW's on college campuses. A modern university is the modern day church, where you are inculcated in the progressive religion. They don't view themselves as the Right view themselves, as being engaged in a political struggle, in a simple battle of ideas... no, they view themselves as engaged in a battle between Good and Evil.

Not all Leftists have swallowed the Progressive Religion wholesale. They may embrace some of the tenets ("If you think X then you are a Nazi") but still struggle to accept others ("Is it okay to punch a Nazi?"). If you question whether it's okay to punch a Nazi, it implies you haven't fully embraced the idea of absolute Evil and the moral self-righteousness implicit in opposing it. Anything is justified when opposing a religious conception of Evil. And so you can slam someone in the head with a lock and feel justified while doing it.

Questioning the Unquestionable

The same methods which were used to deconstruct and destroy the cultural dogma of Western traditionalism and Christianity can be used to destroy the progressive religion.

If the West is to survive, we must normalize progressive taboos, we must deconstruct what others believe to be Evil, we must demythologize Fascism as a unique event of absolute evil in the historical sense. Just questioning the causes or reasons for the rise of Fascism are enough to delegitimize the mythological narrative of it being a completely irrational, inexplicable, purely genocidal event.

But this is still too great a task for us, and this is not the hill to die on today. Our numbers are not great enough, our movement is still in its infancy. Red-pilling is a slow, gradual process. You don't teach an 8 year old to swim by tossing them into the deep end. We are at step one: Normalizing white advocacy and self-preservation. But we must understand what is at the heart of our own peoples suicidal tendencies.

Date of publication: May 1, 2017