"Read Siege" - Faux Radicals

I've had many of these "Read Siege" types offer me similar advice: "Stop trying so hard. Just sit back and wait for everything to go to shit, wait for an opportunity." So they sit on their hands, read Rockwell all day, and wait for or even "accellerate" the destruction of white nations to (hopefully) reach an "opportunity" to exploit. Until then, they won't fight.

There is nothing radical about this position. In fact, it is the opposite of radical. It is a position of rationalized passivity, the same sort of rationalized passivity I see in the incel and MGTOW crowds. These people all whine that the systems aren't "fair" and can't be changed, thus justifying doing nothing. They promise they will come out and fight, just not yet, because it's too hard right now. And so they hide in the trenches while the true radicals, those who continue to fight even when it seems all hope is lost, struggle to lay the groundwork that could make these armchair radicals' dreams possible in the first place.

It's a simple argument, one we've all heard a hundred times before. "You won't change anything democratically!"

Alright. You are probably correct (although I don't see the harm in keeping our options open). But is that what the alt-right is really doing? Is it all just a "vote Trump" party politics rally? That's not what I see, not at all.

What I see the alt-right doing is winning over the hearts and minds of men, one at a time, and seeking to make those men better, stronger, smarter than they were yesterday. I see us making connections in the real world, building relationships and communities, establishing organizations, self-sustainable media outlets, independent crowdfunding and legal defense funds. In other words, I see us setting up a basic framework that is necessary for enacting change of ANY sort and under any circumstances.

And I have to wonder, if the opportunity for revolution did actually present itself, how many of these internet tough guys would really stand up and do something? My guess is practically none, given their exaggerated larping and defeatist passivity today. But the more important question is this: *If they did do something, would it even matter?*

In order to enact real revolutionary change you need far-reaching connections, you need funding, you need organization, you need a sufficiently broad base of support. And you gain exactly none of those things by larping as a neo-Nazi or slyly advocating violence online. Instead you alienate connections, dry up funding, and lose support from everyone except government agents. But I'm sure your internet clique of 30 people is ready to take over the country, because Rockwell told you quality beats quantity. "This time the world!"

I'll say it again: these people think they are the radicals. They aren't. A true radical understands that pragmatism trumps stubborn idealism. A true radical carefully moderates his speech. A true radical is radical in his heart, but his words, actions, and appearance are those of a model citizen.

And so long as we are on the topic of "things Siegefags don't get"... They don't understand that radicalization is almost always a gradual process. People don't just wake up from their progressive stupor one day and start reading Mein Kampf. That's not how the human mind works. People need to save face, even to themselves. People need to allow themselves to change gradually, or no change will come at all.

What I'm saying is that radicals aren't just found, they are made. And rejecting people in the name of "quality" and "purity" means pissing away perfectly good potential. Who knows, maybe one day the liberal barista down your block will be a better and more effective man than you are today, but only if he is intelligently guided and not blown the fuck out by swastikas and purity spirals.

This thing we are doing isn't just about "educating normies," and this isn't about trying to win some popular vote. This is about cultivating ethnocentrism, growing the stock of men who are willing to fight on behalf of their people. I'm not content with sitting back and waiting for opportunities, I'd rather we created our own.

Date of publication: May 26, 2018