For a New Romanticism: Reconstructing Western Civilization

"The postmodernists completely reject the structure of Western civilization [...] There is something pathologically wrong with someone who doesn't have a shred of gratitude."

-Jordan Peterson

The Scourge of Deconstruction

All ideas (words, concepts, labels, categories) exist in the human mind. They are created by that mind. Their meaning, therefore, is not found externally or objectively; their meaning is whatever we decide their meaning to be, and that meaning will always be a simplistic structure over an otherwise incomprehensible world. As such, everything can be deconstructed.


What is a tree? We think we know, but do we?

You've got an image in your mind of a tree. Suppose I removed all the leaves. Is it still a tree? Probably you would say yes. What if I removed all the leaves and all the branches? What if we had just a trunk and root structure? Is it still a tree? Is one tree cell a tree? What about a thousand cells, or a million? At what point does it become, or stop becoming, a tree?

Keep this up, and your formerly clear and obvious label "tree" becomes more and more shaky. You begin to doubt whether "tree" exists or means anything at all. It must just be an arbitrary construct with no objective, precise, or consistent basis, you conclude. (Well of course... all ideas are constructs of the human mind).

Suppose now I want to destroy the tree. Maybe you cared very much before, but now you don't care so much. "Tree" doesn't exist after all... it's just an idea you had, and that idea is now deconstructed. So go ahead and tear the tree to pieces, because I've already torn it to pieces in my mind.

This is the most popular argument in the progressive playbook for undermining and subverting Western values, Western cultures, Western peoples. It's become second nature for them, to the point they don't even question why they are deconstructing and destroying their own civilization (while leaving all other groups largely untouched).

What is "White"? How do you define it? What are the white genes? What are the white regions? Is this person White? What about that person? What about mixed people, and how mixed is too much? Is your standard consistent across all time periods? If not, why not?

And now that you no longer believe in "White," now that you view it as an arbitrary social construct, what do you care if Whites lose power, or go extinct entirely? "White" doesn't mean anything, so why protect it?

What is male or female? What is gender? What about this person with these chromosomes? What about that person with those hormones? Binary gender is a social construct, so why protect it?

What is God? Where is he? How do you know? Why do you believe this authority and not that? What are your motivations for believing?

One by one, all our values and beliefs are subverted by the progressive intellectual hegemony. Everything that Western civilization was built upon, everything that made us successful and prosperous, everything that held our peoples and our cultures together, everything that led to our position and existence in the world today, was a direct result of those ideas which are now being deconstructed and subsequently destroyed. Our cup has had too many holes pricked into it, and it no longer holds water. The youth have become deracinated, rootless consumers with nothing to believe in. They embrace nihilism while seeking fulfilment in a life of hedonism, a futile endeavor indeed.

Yet among the youth there is a small but quickly growing movement, a rejection of the status quo, a demand to revive and reassert the values of old, to reclaim their heritage and the cherished legacy of their ancestors.

They ask the simple yet dangerous question: Who Are We?

For a New Romanticism

"In many ways nonsense is a more effective organizing tool than the truth. Anyone can believe in the truth. To believe in nonsense is an unforgeable demonstration of loyalty."

-Mencius Moldbug

Once you've taken apart the radio and figured out how it works, it is your job to put the radio back together again. You can't just leave all the pieces strewn across the table. Any fool can take a radio apart, but it takes a bit more skill to get it back to working order again. If you can't put it back together, then you probably shouldn't have take it apart in the first place.

Deconstruction is intellectual childs play. If you stay at that stage indefinitely, you are still intellectually a child. At some point you have to move beyond deconstruction, to reject intellectual nihilism, to strive toward a post-deconstruction.

Sure, I can deconstruct morality. But morality is a glue that holds us together. Sure, I can deconstruct identity. But identity is a glue that holds us together. Sure, I can deconstruct religion, but religion is a glue that holds us together. Ideas are tools that make life livable, that made our people, and thus our own children, prosperous.

Right is right, wrong is wrong. White is white, male is male. Common sense is the foundation for social cooperation.

Rationality is not normative; it cannot tell us what to value or pursue, it cannot give us a path to victory. The purpose of rationality for the Right is merely to destroy our enemies arguments. Most people are not intellectuals or philosophers. Most people aren't persuaded by abstract concepts, principles, ideals, consistency, or data. What are they persuaded by then? EMOTION.

Luckily the Alt-Right, and Nationalism generally, has both an intellectual and an emotional basis, and thus can convert both the intellectuals and the public at large in a way that abstract philosophies such as libertarianism and civic nationalism could not. But the intellectuals must learn to speak the language of the people, as Trump has done.

Our movement must be directed forward not by rationality, but by emotion, by a new age of Romanticism. The intellectual must become the firebrand, the radical, the artist, the activist, the visionary. The Left has become the establishment, has become the status quo, which makes us the legitimate counter-culture movement of our time.

We must feed the public the intense emotions they are sorely lacking. We must give the nihilistic youth what they most desperately crave: transcendence, beauty, anger, belonging, vision, hope, fear, rage, enthusiasm, purpose. In short, we must give them a new secular religion, a new Romanticism.

Date of publication: May 13, 2017