Rules for the Right


And all that matters is winning. We aren't here to be martyrs for our principles and morality like the libertarians (F). We are a movement of pragmatists, not idealists. The only metric we care about when evaluating a person, event, strategy, is: does this advance our interests or not? Period. Nothing else matters, and the ends justify the means.

Victory means: The preservation of our people, our culture, our civilization.

As an ex-libertarian, I've heard and even engaged in my fair share of absolutely ridiculous and useless debates regarding what sort of fantasy policies would constitute the ideal anarchist utopia. Any sort of philosophical analysis which assumes the complete elimination of the US government, or the rise of a fourth reich ethnostate, though it may be autistically interesting, is futile to the extreme.

It amounts to little more than psychologically masturbating while Rome burns. We now have a great term to describe this behavior: Larping. Meaning, your behavior and discussion are so far removed from the reality of the world that you might as well be shooting imaginary thunderbolts from your hands at imaginary dragons.

Don't let perfect be the enemy of the good. Focus on what matters, the battles that can and need to be won, what you can legitimately enact, the small, incremental changes you can realistically achieve. This is how the Left has dominated the cultural and political landscape, through baby steps toward realistic goals, and this is the path we must take as well.


The greatest threat to our progress is not external enemies, but internal division. Do not sow division.

Those who are more moderate have a tendency to "punch right," which amounts to virtue signalling and throwing your own side under the bus because you are scared of public perception and a bad image. It is a message to the Left that they have implicitly won the culture war and that you can be manipulated and bullied into submission, that you can be exploited as a useful idiot to attack your own side for them. It is fine to disagree on policies or strategy and to express it, it is NOT fine to publicly condemn and disavow your natural allies. That makes you a divisive cuck.

Those who are far-right have a tendency to "purity spiral," which amounts to reverse virtue signalling and throwing your own side under the bus because they don't meet your edgy standards. It is a message that you are more interested in alienating than converting normies, that you prefer a circle-jerking clique to a growing and influential movement. That makes you a divisive sperg.


It is truly a pathetic state of affairs and a sign of a fractured Right when someone like Richard Spencer is attacked BOTH by the moderate conservatives for being a Nazi, and from the far-right for not being Nazi enough. How can we ever hope to achieve victory if we waste our time splitting hairs and attacking each other rather than the very real threats to our people, our culture, our civilization?

Example: I don't give a fuck if you are gay. So long as you keep that shit to yourself, support traditional family values, defend our people, then you are welcome in the movement. Because all that matters is winning, not what you do behind closed doors.

Example: I don't give a fuck if you are a full blown neo-Nazi skinhead, with swastika tattoos and a fetish for ovens. So long as you don't constantly attack those with less extreme views, don't demand absolute racial purity and reject anyone with "one drop" of non-Aryan blood, don't call natural allies "Jewish shills" and "JIDF" and try to shut down right-wing forums or podcasts or media personalities that don't meet your autistic standards, then you are welcome in the movement. If you recognize that your views are fringe and that everyone is at a different stage on the red-pill journey, and help guide them along without a torrent of hate and criticism, then I don't give a fuck if you were a guard at Auschwitz. Because all that matters is winning.

If we can stop bickering over petty nonsense and create a united front, nothing will stop us. That doesn't mean we all have to think and behave in the same ways. It means we learn to shut the fuck up when an ally doesn't meet our standards. It means we work together, put the cause first, put winning first, and don't attack eachother like rabid dogs. Have some sense and stop harming your own like an "inner city youth." It's time to end the divisive bullshit.


If you are fat, lose some weight. I mean today. If you are skinny, start lifting, today. Always take care of yourself, groom yourself, dress well, eat well, have proper hygiene. If you engage in any sort of degeneracy, cut that shit out, and if you aren't willing to cut it out, at least keep it in the closet.

When you are out in public, treat people well. Be kind to wait staff who are just doing their jobs. Tip them. Be courteous to the police, and let them know we support them when they have to use their weapons or crack some skulls.

The Left is the party of betas and land whales, the party of blue hair and body odor, the party of angry, screeching harpies and intolerant bigots, the party of freeloaders and degenerates. The Right is the party of order, the party of healthy, strong, traditional, well-mannered, upstanding citizens who pay their taxes, raise their families, and take care of their communities.

If you aren't currently meeting these standards, stop making excuses and get started today. The first step to representing this movement well is to represent yourself well. Have respect for yourself.


It's not enough to larp in an echo chamber and shitpost on 4chan. You must be actively engaged in some form to push this movement forward. Some things you can do:

  • Conceive and raise children, and teach them traditional values
  • Spread flyers, leaflets, posters
  • Write articles, books, produce images, podcasts, memes
  • Offer professional or technical skills to others in the movement
  • Red-pill normies: talk to your family and friends, spread ideas through social media
  • Vote in every election, engage in grassroots political campaigns, become a candidate yourself


Don't be afraid to be open and honest with others. Don't be afraid to name the enemy. Don't be afraid of giving voice to your views, of speaking truth to power. Don't be afraid of how the media will portray you. Don't ever, ever, ever apologize when being attacked by the Left. They don't care about your apologies, and you will never be forgiven. They only want to see you brought down and humiliated, and apologizing is exactly the victory they are looking for.

Don't be afraid of talking to the media, or giving interviews. Yes, they will do everything in their power to make you look bad, to twist your words out of context. It doesn't matter. Every encounter with the media is an opportunity, a platform for you to get a slogan or soundbite or argument out to millions of people. Ideas are infectious, and winning is all that matters. You must learn to use the enemy and their institutions against them. Be willing to cross the line, and you can ride the wave of outrage into public consciousness.

Don't be afraid of antifa. Don't let them dissuade you from showing up at a rally or event. Sure, there is a chance you'll get sucker punched. Don't be afraid of a punch. Most of these dudes are skinny cucks with low-T levels anyway.

If your ancestors fought in the trenches, you can certainly survive latte-sipping university students.

Burn these rules into your mind:


Date of publication: March 22, 2017