"Shared values" is a farce.

In university, I took a course on the philosophy of education and college admissions came up. I was shocked when all of the black students unanimously agreed that every application should be admitted by the same standard, regardless of race. I thought, "Really? Blacks are against affirmative action?" Later on, I realized that they thought affirmative action was judging us by the same standard, because it compensates for racism.

My neighbor is an Indian migrant who's clearly insecure about his place in America. During one of his daily signal-fests last August, he talked about how much he loves free speech. I brought up Charlottesville and soon found out while he loves the American value of "Free speech", Unite the Right wasn't free speech because it was "hate speech." If this is how minorities think about free speech, why should I trust a poll saying they support free speech?

My car was getting repaired this week, so I was taking a lot of Ubers. One of my drivers was an immigrant from Guatemala and he said that he loved everything that America stood for. I was pretty surprised. Really? This man likes the notion of picking one's self up by his bootstraps, the libertarianism of our founding fathers, and Roman senses of sensibility and civilization? A few minutes later, things became clear. He believed that American values were anti-racism, being pro-immigrant, and being inclusive of nonwhites. Notice a pattern?

Words mean different things to different people. A poll saying that a group supports the same thing as you doesn't actually mean anything. Them professing that they share your values doesn't mean that the two of you have the same values. Whether on purpose or not, they've appropriated a lot of the words that normie conservatives use and that creates an illusion that there's a lot more common ground than there actually is. These people are nothing like us and they don't belong here.