I hate the way that liberals speak of suicide.

Liberals have three major ways of talking about suicide.

The first is to suggest getting rid of firearms, or other means of suicide. This is tantamount to telling people to just suck it up and live in misery. I'm not saying that a miserable person should kill themselves, but you're supposed to be thinking about how to stop people from wanting to die. You're not supposed to consider it a success to have millions of miserable people who wish they could die but can't. Honestly, it's just an excuse to attack the second amendment, if we're being honest.

The second suggestion is "coping" mechanisms. This usually means drugs. Again, no desire to help our most suicidal demographics. They do not care about white problems. For them, the goal is to make you better at putting up with what they want to do you you, not to stop doing bad shit to white people.

The third suggestion is to be pro-death and just tell you that it's your life to take. They do not care about you or your problems. The liberal would probably pat themselves on the back for lowering depression rates, even if those rates were lowered by the blast of a gun.

What is not featured at all, even a little bit, is seriously revisiting what might be wrong with our society that hits white men so directly. They might fake this by suggesting that what we really need is more liberalism. After all, white men wouldn't feel so attacked for being white if they didn't think of themselves as white, right goy? These aren't real reasons; these are excuses made to not change their path and not revisit their assumptions. They won't even revisit seemingly trivial assumptions, such as that a demographic with more money is better off.

The reality is that they know what the problem is. They know that they've made our culture extraordinarily anti-white and extraordinarily anti-male, and they're making a deliberate decision not to address this, because they simply care more about nonwhites. Some of the "better" liberals may not rejoice at driving white men to suicide, but they consider it a bearable loss if preventing it would mean they can't serve nonwhites as well. They know that helping whites versus helping nonwhites is a zero sum game of opportunity cost and they've made their decision: better for whites to die, then to make society pro-white.