Violence and the System (excerpt, first draft)

We were enemies of the System.

What is the System? The System is composed of five pillars of power, which is to say five pillars of violence, used to prop up and defend the leftist hegemonic order and to ruthlessly destroy its enemies.

The five pillars of Power and Violence within the System:

1) Police/Military Violence - This is the most literal and direct form of violence used by the System. If you do not give up resistance at one of the pillars below, you will face this ultimate and final arbiter of power.

Example - The police forces of the state engaged in direct physical violence to deny the Right its basic constitionally mandated civil rights of freedom of assembly and freedom of speech. The Right tried to work within the System and demand their civil rights. When Charlottesville denied them a permit to speak in Emancipation Park, they sued the city. They won that court challenge, and a judge put forth an injunction ruling they had the first amendment right to assemble and speak. In response, the System resorted to direct physical assault to prevent them. Police in full riot gear assaulted peaceful protestors, forcibly removing them from Empancipation Park and pushing them into an aggressive leftist mob. To be clear: The System used direct, physical violence to deny the Right their basic civil rights.

2) Federal Court Violence - The System uses partisan courts, judges, and juries, to imprison and crush political opposition under absurd and often false charges.

Example - The System falsely convicted James Fields of PREMEDITATED MURDER. An absolutely absurd verdict to anyone who has studied the details of the case. He was not tried based on his actions or the facts of the situation, but was convicted and imprisoned by the System for his opinions and political beliefs. The jury recommendation of 419 years was evidence of the vindictive abuse of state power being used to destroy a political heretic.

3) Civil Court Violence - Lawsuits brought by private individuals, designed not to win but to bury their enemy under a sea of bureacracy and paperwork, sapping their time and resources, destroying their will to oppose the System.

Example - Those who attended or helped organize the Charlottesville protests were further pressured by the System with frivolous lawsuits. Even a cursory glance reveals the illegitimacy of these suits. There is no real recourse to this sort of legal terrorism, one is forced to invest time, money, and energy fighting to escape legalistic destruction, or suffer the consequences.

4) Corporate Violence - The corporate world has a stranglehold on all modern forms of communication and financial services. They abuse that power on behalf of the System, engaging in mass censorship and cutting off financial resources to weaken and silence opposition.

Example - Every major social media corporation (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, and more) have engaged in a coordinated campaign of mass censorship and deplatforming of those on the political Right. When they formed their own websites and communities, they faced deplatforming from internet hosting companies and domain registrars like Google and GoDaddy. When they tried to organize funds they were economically deplatformed by Visa, PayPal, Patreon, Kickstarter, Stripe, and more. No matter where a dissident turns they will face united and indisputable opposition from all corporate arms of the System. Corporations are also complicit in firing anyone the System deems a political heretic. As is obvious to all, the market is not free and open, it is guarded by gatekeepers looking to abuse their position and completely shut down enemies of the System.

5) Social Violence - Individual citizens who engage in social terrorism on behalf of the System. Methods include doxxing, harassing family and friends, harassing employers to undermine a persons livelihood, destroying their reputation on both social and mainstream media, and so on. Sometimes these individuals resort to actual physical violence, and seldom face serious consequences. These complicit stormtroopers of the establishment, who often call themselves "antifascists," are primarily motivated by the vicarious sense of power felt in the violence they exercise on behalf of the System.

Example - The number of people who have been doxxed, harassed, threatened, fired, and even physically assaulted for their beliefs are too numerous to name or count. Colin Robertson, Mike Peinovich, and many attendees of Charlottesville are notable examples. Nascar driver Conor Daly even lost sponsorship due to words spoken not by him, but by his father more than 30 years ago, proving just how vindictive and capricious this leftist inquisition can be.

Social terrorism, corporate and financial deplatforming, frivolous lawsuits, false imprisonment, and direct police violence. These are the five major arms of political violence and terrorism that the System organizes against the Right. Their goal is to leave them absolutely no recourse, no voice, no organizations, no opportunity to air their grievances, to advocate on behalf of their people. The System's goal is to absolutely and totally crush anyone who ideologically steps out of line, to make peaceful revolution impossible.

Again and again we attempted to find peaceful recourse within the System, despite the violence being exercised against the Right. "If you want to change things, go out and vote," the System claims. Donald Trump's major rallying cry was "BUILD THE WALL." Against all odds and against all institutional powers, whites came together and handed him victory. It was the last, desperate gasp of a people that had become increasingly aware of their own imminent demographic destruction. They worked hard, they organized, and they won. And where is the wall? Where are the changes we, the American people, voted for? Nowhere in sight, for the System refuses true political power to the people.

The language and methods of the System is violence. Dissent is no longer tolerated, but crushed absolutely. Any claims by the United States or other Western nations of being places of civil rights, of justice, of freedom, are completely illegitimate.