Talking Points: The Best of

The human individual is a pathetic and worthless ideal to live for, a creature with no future, and Nature shows us the true value of the individual with each hurricane, earthquake, famine, and disease; if we cannot live on literally, then we will live on symbolically, by self-identifying with the more lasting, permanent, and meaningful conceptions of People, State, Tribe.

-from The Existential Basis for Nationalism

White Guilt is the new, secular version of Original Sin, and serves to control in a similar manner.

-from On Privilege, White Guilt, and Original Sin

Like a virus which has been engineered to only infect one species, the concept of Privilege is engineered to only infect the strong in-groups; this renders them impotent, while leaving their enemies untouched.

-from On Privilege, White Guilt, and Original Sin

Liberals harbor a subconscious sense of omnipotence to repress their subconscious awareness of race realism; everything is our fault, because only we are capable of power and agency.

-from Agency to Omnipotence (coming soon)

The net result of rejecting identity politics is that your identity, and ONLY your identity, has no voice in politics.

-from White Identity Politics

The term "racist" has become nothing more than an anti-white slur, a pejorative aimed at denying whites the same collective identity and interests which are openly celebrated by all other groups.

-from White Identity Politics

The evolutionary purpose of ethnocentrism (racism) is to protect the group from exploitation, violence, and disease.

-from Egalitarianism as Auto-Immune Disease

From an evolutionary perspective, the effect of a universalist, egalitarian moral ideology is to act as an auto-immune disease, to weaken the natural and protective ethnocentric impulses of a host group, rendering them vulnerable to exploitation, violence, and eventual extinction.

-from Egalitarianism as Auto-Immune Disease

Any people with purely universalist, egalitarian attitudes will eventually be bred out of existence so long as they are surrounded by groups which retain their ethnocentric ideals.

-from Egalitarianism as Auto-Immune Disease

Some would rather dance on the ashes of Western civilization than to be judged or labeled negatively by others.

-from Ethno-Masochism

If all these people care about is labels, feelings, and not being judged, then we must judge them harsher than the Left does; this is the true political meaning of the word "cuck," and why the term is absolutely necessary.

-from Cuck (coming soon)

A cell which forgets its origin, forgets its role in the greater whole, which ceases to identify as part of the organism and which views itself as an organism in itself, is a cancerous cell.

-from Individualism is Cancer (coming soon)

What is the difference between individualism and collectivism, if not simply a difference in self-identification, and why would you harbor a desire to reject your natural collective identity, if not simply due to cultural conditioning which opposes your identity?

-from Civic Nationalism (coming soon)

We believe that excess racial diversity within a nations borders is fundamentally unnatural on a biological level; we believe that a culturally, linguistically, and ethnically homogeneous society will tend to yield the best outcomes.

-from Alt-Right Manifesto (coming soon)

Come back and tell us about the virtues of being a moderate liberal when the average American city both looks and functions like Brazil.

-unpublished debate

Shame fulfills the function of controlling individual and group behavior without resorting to direct State intervention, and this is highly desirable for maintaining a free society.

-from Urgent Need for Shame (coming soon)