I hate the way that liberals act as though they'd came up with their racial egalitarian ideas themselves.

Compare liberals to Christians for a moment. It's not important to a Christian to act as though he'd thought of Christianity himself. A Christian will have no problem saying that Christianity is the view of his people, that it was taught to him at a young age, or that he learned about Christianity primarily at church and would never have thought of Christianity himself if he grew up on a deserted island. That's because for a Christian, Jesus is the prophet, and it's not an inherently bad thing to have been taught his message rather than having invented it yourself.

Racial egalitarianism isn't like that though, because there's something nasty to a liberal about having to be taught that the races are equal. It suggests that you otherwise would have become a racist, which implies that racism is your natural state. It makes them a bad person in their eyes and it would throw a massive wrench in their narrative that you need to be taught racial identity.

So unlike the Christian, the liberal will phrase their beliefs as if they'd thought of those beliefs themselves. They'll say: "It seems to me, that [insert generic liberal opinion]" or something of that flavor. They don't necessarily use the exact words "It seems to me" but they like to include something that implies that they are working off of their own reasoning and drawing their own conclusions. The Christian will usually justify their belief in Christianity after the fact and say that the beliefs they were taught are plausible and legitimate, but the liberal will try to present it as though they came to their beliefs from first principles.

This is something I find very frustrating just because of the sheer improbability of it all.

Egalitarian multiculturalism has been an extraordinarily rare belief throughout history. Now, there's been some forms of multiculturalism, such as Italy and Egypt both being part of the Roman Empire, but they weren't egalitarian by any measure. One was the ruling imperial and the other was the personal property of the Emperor. And no, they did not become egalitarian after the Edict of Caracalla either.

In fact, egalitarian multiculturalism is still pretty rare today. There's no such thing as multicultural South Korea. There's no egalitarian Israel. Even in the west, multiculturalism is MUCH more popular among the brown immigrants who get free perks from being in a white country than from the whites who's nations became multicultural.

And yet, every shit lib I talk to just so happens to have come to their beliefs all by themselves with no help from anyone and it's always totally irrelevant that they all did it in nations where the ruling hegemony where they grew up just so happens to be those beliefs that they came to all by themselves. I just wish that just once, a liberal would say: "Thank God that I was conditioned to believe this stuff from such a young age that I couldn't think critically about it yet. If not for that, I would support white people having their own countries."