Intellectual activity is like any other human endeavor: Cohesive groups outcompete individualist strategies.

- Kevin MacDonald

White Identity Politics

Identity politics (exclusively for minority groups) has become the dominant political strategy of the Left. The strategy thus far for the excluded whites has largely been to reject identity politics entirely, arguing in favor of either individualism on the libertarian side or civic nationalism on the conservative side. These of course are not compelling arguments to most ethnic groups who feel no social stigma when embracing their natural ethnic-collectivist impulses. In either case, the net result of rejecting identity politics is that your identity, and ONLY your identity, has no voice in politics.


The obvious cause of the white rejection of identity politics is the decades long process of cultural/social conditioning which has instilled in whites a collective sense of guilt over historical injustices and a mortal fear over the charge of racism. The social conditioning runs so deep that even long time white nationalists can feel a visceral emotional revulsion to the cultural taboo of whites advocating for their own interests. This collective stigmatization has resulted in whites having a near suicidal disregard and indifference toward their own race at a time when racial identity is becoming more prominent and powerful in minority ethnic groups. This basic racial self-denial would no doubt be characterized by the Left as "internalized oppression" were it to be found in any other ethnic group.


Jewish attitudes and interests, Jewish likes and dislikes, now constitute the culture of the West, internalized by Jews and non-Jews alike. [...] the Judaization of the West means that the peoples who created the culture and traditions of the West have been made to feel ashamed of their own history - surely a prelude to their demise as a culture and as a people.

- Kevin MacDonald

The Leftist will naturally argue that whites need no identity politics to compete with minority interests because whites were and are the dominant ethnic and political force in the West. There are a number of problems with this argument, the most glaring being the fact that whites, who comprise a mere 60% of the US population, are far less politically homogeneous than any other ethnic group, due in large part to the social conditioning mentioned above. Only 56% of whites voted for Donald Trump, a small majority contrasted with the 96% of blacks who voted for Barack Obama. In addition, minorities are politically homogeneous even across ethnic boundaries, such that blacks, hispanics, et al. comprise a generalized "non-white" coalition in the Democrat party; a coalition which ironically includes roughly 40% of white voters. Thus, the number of whites who are either consciously or unconsciously voting in white interests is a paltry minority of the nation, rendering the Leftist argument of a "dominant ethnic group" laughable at best. We could also argue about the disproportionate influence Jews (who are often perceived as white) have achieved over the cultural landscape, if we were prepared to be dismissed as antisemitic.

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The more important argument against this Leftist position is that the dominance of an ethnic group in society ought not render that group politically nor morally impotent. On the contrary, to be the historical majority elevates the importance of that majority's interests in the society and culture above all others. The founding people of the nation have the primary say in the future and direction of the nation, and to argue otherwise is to favor subversion and ethno-cultural destruction over order and traditional continuity.

And yet, despite all attempts by the Cultural Marxists to brainwash and condition whites into a purely subservient and submissive role, we see that white identity politics is on the rise in the West.

Date of publication: June 12, 2016