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Note: Still a work in progress. More questions and political orientations will be added soon.

Unlike other political quizzes, which focus on only one or two political dimensions, this quiz takes into account multiple ideological dimensions to come up with a more accurate designation of political ideology.

Here are some of the political dimensions used, and their sub categories:

  • Identification (Universalism, Individualism, Tribalism).

  • Internationalism (Globalism, Isolationism).

  • Race (Egalitarianism, Realism)

  • Morality (Liberalism, Conservatism)

  • Economics (Socialism, Capitalism)

  • Economic Pragmatism (Idealism, Pragmatism)

  • Collectivism (Individualism, Collectivism)

These dimensions are used to calculate your political designation, as well as your position on the traditional Left-Right spectrum. Note that this test deviates from some common conceptions, such as the blanket association of Capitalism with the Right, and takes a more nuanced and historically accurate view of the Left-Right distinction. For example, free market Libertarians who often consider themselves Right will usually fall on the Left due to their support for individualism, freedom, and democracy, which are all egalitarian beliefs and thus traditionally Left (Classical Liberalism).

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